The trees are bent like
the sails of the boats that
twist hallucinations into the lake.
The birds curl their feet around the edges of branches,
dip their noses into the water,
sputter a twittery, watery
song. In the crook of the red brick shadows,
trailing like wedding dress trains, the birds
are having a party: playing tic-tac-toe
with mismatched feet, pecking the sugar
from soda cans. In the crock pot tops
of the buildings, the birds
are imitating roast chickens, hoping the sun’s sizzle
will not boil their eggs. On the railings of ships, the birds
hang out their wings to dry. They tightrope-walk
on the edges of bridges. They fly a bullseye
towards the sun.



14 thoughts on “Birds

  1. Birds here for the season, all the fun scenes you present.
    The last stanza reminds me of the birds migration. So much compacted from the painting – nicely done.

    Thanks for your visit. ~Jules

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