The dragon who wanted to be a writer

The dragon would always wake up

with droplets of fire coating the cave walls

like the mist you get if you put your face

too close to the mirror.

This was because he snored.

He snored louder than the torrents of a river. When he walked,

his toes spat fissures like fireworks. The ground was faithless to his feet.

When he roared fire, the very sky burned.

Willows shriveled seasons in a day.

Mallards disappeared like magic.

Even the tides skipped in their dance,

like the needle of a gramophone meeting a scratch.

When he was a boy,

his dolls had crumpled in his hands like sugar cookies.

He marked out paths with broken china,

pretending to be Hansel with his hands full of bread crumbs.

He loved that story. He loved the textures of the words.

He loved pages, how they lent him some camouflage,

how they let him borrow a superhero cape

when he already knew he was going to be the villain.

But stories are paper

and everything burnt near him.

He was always shrouded in smoke.

As time went on, the horizontal stripes of pages

looked less like welcome trumpets

and more like a cage’s bars.

He traded the quill crying ink

for the feather of the geese he stole,

dripping with blood.


12 thoughts on “The dragon who wanted to be a writer

  1. That there could be a world of magic for that dragon to become a writer. Sometimes we can’t find the paper or the words.
    I would tell that dragon to keep writing he should continue to write in his dreams. Each dream a new blank page that can be rewritten every night. And maybe, just maybe one day a kindly wizard will be able to make paper strong enough to accept the full poetic verse of words that are full of fiery passion. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by – I have fun with my story series. Some word lists work better for some stories than others.

  2. This is whimsy and wonder…fun and slightly dark…great balance, I enjoyed this story and this: “Willows shriveled seasons in a day.” I love that! 🙂 Well done!

  3. aloha Abby. you have created a very cool introduction to a great myth story. the opening image of waking to “droplets of fire coating the cave walls” is a potent image. i like that. aloha.

  4. This is wonderful. It’s so cool to see what different minds do with the same list of words. You wrote a whole lovely fairy tale. I especially loved: “As time went on, the horizontal stripes of pages/looked less like welcome trumpets/and more like a cage’s bars.” Left me with the saddest feeling for that poor dragon, loving stories even though he knew for sure “he was going to be the villain”. Thank you for writing and sharing this.

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