The underworld never happened

after Megan Falley

She was a God. Thor. She held up lightning bolts
like marionette strings, and I became Echo,
my voice confined to the whispered ripple of hers.
She was a God. Artemis, goddess of the hunt,
and I was the stag. She loved me. Loved my flower petal ears,
my black nose like the tip of a magic wand,
loved to see my head hanging on the wall.
I was like Oedipus, prophecied to kill his father
and marry his mother. His parents threw him away
like a bed bug infested couch –
he only boomeranged back harder.
My mother, too, was scared of me.
We drowned in each other’s fear.
She tried to whittle me away-
that’s why I’m so sharp.


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