Night (communing with cats)

Everything is shivery

in the night.

Silence sweeps through the room

like breath.

This is the afterlife.

You cannot grasp it.

Streetlight light

swoops through the window

and into your hands

like a gift.

Dust dark flows around your legs,

soft as a secret.

You hurry to write,

gripping markers like monkey bars,

swinging from word to word,

gripping pencils like handlebars,

steering from thought to thought, 

plumes of ink

creeping up your wrists,

scratching words

you cannot decode in the morning

Alone, you are as good.

as a God.

Don’t wake up anyone

who does not believe in magic.


3 thoughts on “Night (communing with cats)

  1. Every time I read your poetry, it’s like a breath of fresh air. You have some wonderful language and imagery in this piece, which seems to slink along like a shadow snake in the night. I’ve done some lucubration myself.


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