The schedule… has become nonexistent.

Today we had an assembly because the schedule is going wonky from now until winter break, which just messed up the schedule even more because we don’t usually have assemblies.

The teachers have even been swapping classrooms. It’s a good thing most of them are very nice and understand when kids get lost. 🙂

Today, instead of Art, we had Current Events, which is a class we never even had before. An argument about what counts as a current event ensued with the teacher and some other kids (A boy I’ll call Morgan said his favorite rock star being awesome is a current event).

It was very hard to think of current events. I knew one of my favorite writing blogs had changed it’s design and… didn’t something or other happen with the Red Sox? (Someone else took Nelson Mandela’s death.)

Next week, to celebrate the holidays and also maybe teach us social skills our school is going on a field trip to watch a movie. I am not particularly good at movies. Also, the big screen gives me extra sensory overload. And theaters are full of people.

But I feel like I should be excited. Yay?


3 thoughts on “Yay?

  1. I love your question mark, Abby. One of the guys I work with, also on the spectrum (about where you might be, I think?) often bravely faces new challenges, knowing that he can use the practice, even though the activity is, um, problematic for him.

    Current event: Ron. gets caught up on Abby’s blog.

  2. Do you mean you are excited even though all this stuff is scary or that you feel like you’re breaking a rule by not looking forward to it? Movies don’t overload me (but other things do) but they are very loud. Would it help in future to use earplugs? You can buy them in hardware stores and keep a pair in your wallet for emergencies.

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